Virginia City, Nevada
"History For The Taking"

Virginia City, Nevada is one of America's largest Historic Landmarks.  Located just south east of Reno, Nevada, this historic mining town is easily accessible by car from Lake Tahoe, Reno, or Carson City.  Some say Virginia City's rich gold and silver mines financed the Civil War. Now rich in history, Virginia City and the Comstock Lode still maintain the flavor of the hifalutin mining days, when Mark Twain roamed the streets and everybody wanted a piece of the "Richest Place on Earth."

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The Marshall Mint & Museum

Nolan Preece Antique Prints
Extensive collection of historic
etchings and engravings.

The Good Old Songs
The music of yesteryear played on the antique pianos of Virginia City.

Yandre & Teague Gift Shops
A unique collection of gifts and collectibles.

Piper's Opera House - "Queen of Nevada History"



Weather in Virginia City
The Weather Forecast
For Virginia City and Northern Nevada.

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Mark Twain Quotations

VC Map

Chamber of Commerce

Virginia Range Wildlife Protection Association

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Storey County Fire Department

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